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Update training 2019

We would like to inform you that the Canyoning association of Slovenia will carry out an update training, which will take place on May 4 in the vicinity of Bovec. Training is recommended for the restoration of techniques before the season, for canyoning guides, as well as for assistant canyoning guides.

We will gather in Bovec at the parking lot in front of Mercator center, where we will give you further instructions. Of course you need to have all the necessary equipment for cooperation.

This year Robert Moosmann will join us as an instructor on update training.

The cost of this year's restoration training is 30,00 eur. With this amount we will pay Robert, and at the same time, this amount will be considered as a membership fee for year 2019.

It is a symbolic amount intended to cover the cost of the instructor Robert and the administrative costs of the association (balance sheets, trr, membership fees).

Please confirm your participation by mail, no later than 20.4.2019

It is certainly a very interesting day ahead of us, where we expect a constructive debate and an exchange of views. We hope you will join us in great number


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